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The gland packing is braided and consists of permanently elastic, expanded graphite fibers (c-content >98%), inconel reinforced. The packing is fitted with a special high-temperature waterproofing and a corrosion inhibitor. Through excellent cross-sectional density and special surface texture, very low friction and leakage rates are achieved even under extreme conditions to fulfill TA Luft requirements.

Ready to install, compression moulded packing according to customer specification, as packing sets. Bulk goods in catons: 1 kg up to 6 mm square, 2 kg up to 10 mm square, 3 kg up to 13 mm square, 5 kg starting from 14 mm square.

Operating Data
Pressure · Temperature Max. 450 bar · -200 °C to 400 °C
pH-Value 0 to 14
Density · Velocity 2 g/cm³ · 2 m/s [vg]
Varnishes, paints [silicone-free] ×
Abrasive and sticky media °
Water, service water, lakewater •
Hot water, boiler feed water •
Vapours, acid gases, nitrogen •
Oxygen* °
Mineral oils, animal fats •
Heat transfer oils, synthetic oils •
Alkalis diluted, saline solutions •
Alkalis concentrated °
Inorganic acids diluted •
Inorganic acids concentrated °
Highly oxidizing acids °
Solvent, other organic compounds •
Approvals & Test Reports
TA Luft (VDI 2440), API 622, ASTM F2168, Shell Spec MESC SPE 85-203, DIN EN ISO 15848 and API 607 [generally suitable, verification necessary through additional component test] Without disk springs at 200°C [1.00 spindle strokes], 300°C [2.000 spindle strokes], 40 bar
*Please consult manufacturer

• = suitable ° = limited suitability × = not suitable

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