Plastikinės lietos, tuneruotos ir frezuotos DALYS

Plug inserts and accessories, bearing shells, complete seal sets, pig parts, envelope molds, spring rings, ball seats, seat rings [low deadleg], bellows, protective pig ring, V-collars, couplings, spacers, bushings and sleeves, O-rings, non- metallic gaskets, molded seals. Other finished parts upon request.

For simple punched parts / molded gaskets, eccentric presses, bridge punches and a water jet cutting machine are available for cutting.

The production of the tools takes place in our modern production service. For the production of blanks are several hyd. Presses with an extensive tool park available. For the production of larger quantities our fully automatic pressing machine is used.

In addition to manual turning and milling machines, state-of-the-art CNC machines with driven tools are used to machine molded parts. These allow the production of the most complicated parts. For larger series can also be worked by rod material.

Through our own design department a quick drafting and a short-term implementation of the products in production is possible. Our state-of-the-art CAD (Mechanical 6 PP + A0 Plotter) stations are fully networked with our PPS system, programming workstations and CNC machines. Reading in and later processing of customer files is also possible.

In our measuring rooms state-of-the-art testing equipment / procedures are available. e.g. Gasket test rigs with mass spectrometer (tests DIN 28090,28091, pr EN 13555, VDI 2440, Relaxation) pack test bench, 2D coordinate measuring table, hardness tester, density test, breakdown test, infrared spectrometer for identification of metals, as well as the control of material defects by a dye penetration test, etc

Water jet system:
Working area 2000 x 4000 mm, max. 100 mm thick (delivery time: approx. 1 – 2 weekes)
CNC Turning Shop:
Molded parts turned and milled, in one clamping

from Ø 10 – Ø 280 mm (delivery time: approx 2-3 weeks)
from Ø 280 – Ø 650 mm (Delivery time: approx 3-4 weeks)

Molded parts turned and milled for further processing
from Ø 650 – Ø 3000 mm (delivery time: approx 4-5 weeks)

For mass production, bar stock up to Ø 65 mm can be processed. Furthermore, vacuum clamping technology is available for clamping complicated parts
Moldings and special dimensions on request!
Manual production:
simple geometries / contours machined
from Ø 10 – Ø 1100 mm (Delivery time: approx 1-2 weeks)

simple geometries
turned from Ø 1100 – Ø 3500 mm (Delivery time: approx 3-4 weeks)

Moldings on request!

simple parts, molded gaskets with simple geometries
from Ø 10 – Ø 1500 mm resp. Molded seals punched, up to max. 3 mm material thickness (depending on contour) (delivery time: as agreed)

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