Kuhtreiber Šildymo dujomis šaltinis / skirstomoji plokštė K7301


The source is designed to power the heatreducing valve for welding machines which do not have this source built-in. It is suitable for installation in transport cart K7100. Source is designed as a transit for supply welding machine of TN-C and also is equipped with a 230 V socket or connection of the liquid cooling system and terminal 24 V AC / 42 V AC power for heating the reducing valve. The source is equipped with a main cam switch which serves to disconnect the whole device from the network and a switch for disconnecting the toggle separate outlet for heating the valve.


Input voltage 3x 400 V
Input supply current 32 A
Output voltage I 3x 400 V
Output supply current I 32 A
Output voltage II 1x 230 V
Output supply current II 1,8 A
Output voltage III 24 V or 42 V
Output supply current III 4 A or 2,3 A
Protection IP 21
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Įtampa 24V, Įtampa 42V


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